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Ready to start your bartending career?

                          A Rebelz School of Bartending is a great place to learn a skill that can be profitable and enjoyable. Thank you for your interest Rebelz School of bartending with locations nationwide and our Job Placement Assistance program. You have come to the right place to find out more about our bartending school. A team of expert trainers with over 8 years of experience manages the bar school

                        Bartenders are known for their ability to make a good living, have fun, flexible schedules and meet people.

                          Rebelz School of bartending offers friendly and helpful staff to serve the needs of our students. Ultimately focused on teaching you how to become the best bartender

                           Rebelz School of bartending the amount of quality, one-on-one, bartender training we provide to each student sets our Bartending School apart from other Schools. We work very hard to be great at it. We've worked with and at nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, weddings, social and corporate functions, five-star hotels, farmhouses, and exotic destination resorts. We have the experience and the success to give you a great experience and freedom from your worries.

                            To summarize, you will receive the best Bartending education for you when taking our Bartending Classes for Certification.

Why Rebelz Bartending School

                                 First and foremost, we have been serving the AP & TELANGANA STATES, in the same location, since 2015, with Bartenders trained and certified !!!

                                  Additionally, our Bartending School only runs with experienced and knowledgeable instructors. They have worked, as Bartenders, in some of the best establishments India and Dubai. Trained for JWC International bartending association at Singapore Moreover, they are committed to helping you learn the skills necessary to mix drinks everywhere from the corner bar

Our business motto is: we teach you until you on your ‘A’ game.

In other words, we want you to be fast, professional, knowledgeable, and smooth.

Bartender  Training

Ninety-Five Percent of the time you spend in our Bartender Training  Program is hands-on and behind a bar with real bar equipment, including Point of Sale Systems and operations.

Our instructors have:

  • Worked in the industry for years
  • Taught bartending courses for years; and,
  • They will help you reach your goal towards bartending job and career.

Rebelz Bartending School facilitates students to graduate with skill and confidence.
Consequently, ensuring successful entry into the world of bartending


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Flat -402, KVR Enclave, Above ICICI Bank, Near Gurudwara, Ameerpet , Hyderabad-16 

Phone: +91-8801989800, 8125881234.

Branch office Vijayawada

Rebelz School Of Don Bartending

Flat no G4, SITA Apartment, Ramachandra Nagar, Vijayawada-520008

Phone: +91-8885021234, 8977770355.

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